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Our dog Max is often home alone. Both my husband and I have felt bad about this.......So now we leave a Pando Music Classic CD on whenever we go out for a long time. Max definitely likes it. I recommend this for anyone who has a dog home alone!
Leonora C
I was at my wits end with one of my dogs – he is cute and loyal, but too hyper. It was hard to get things done around the house with him needing so much attention. Then I got Pando Music Classics for Dogs. I put on the CDs, plunked down on the couch with the dogs and a book. After about 20 minutes the dog finally relaxed, and sprawled out (no more petting needed). There we stayed for about 90 minutes. Now when I put the music on, he goes into the living room and hangs out to listen for a while. It's great for both of us!
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PandoMusic™ Classical Music for Dogs and Cats uses instruments that produce sounds at certain frequencies that are particularly appealing to your pet. The soothing qualities of this music helps make dogs and cats feel at ease, more tranquil, and has a positive effect on their emotions.

PandoMusic™ Classical Music for Dogs and Cats has the remarkable quality to stimulate your pet’s senses, creating a feeling of tranquility, comfort and calm. Each of the melodies on these CDs was produced using certain distinctive frequencies, many of them undetectable to the human ear, that are both pleasing and comforting to animals. The music also incorporates special sound effects that create the illusion for your pet that others are also at home, helping alleviate any sense of loneliness.