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When playing PandoMusic Classics, pets that stayed in our kennel felt more at home sooner and their barking or nervous meowing decreased noticeably. The relaxing and harmonizing effect of this special music was also noticed in the behavior of parakeets and parrots.
Medical Veterinary Doctor Franz Wirth
Hennef - Germany
My dog had a broken leg, and it didn't really matter to him how much it hurt, he would still run and jump around nonstop. Then Felix gave me one of his CDs and the case was solved! At first it didn't do much, but after a few minutes he was just lying there listening to it and falling asleep. Ater a few minutes, he was happy, relaxed, and feeling no pain. To be honest, the next day, it worked on me too. The music may be for dogs, but it can help you relax as well.
Juan C. Alonzo
What is PandoMusic?
PandoMusic promotes our pet’s well-being by creating a unique musical environment through the use of specific instruments, embedded frequencies, and special sound effects such as barking, purring, birds chirping and sounds found naturally in households. The soothing quality of this music helps dogs and cats feel more at ease and less anxious. It is the combination of all of these elements that has now become the trademarked technique known as the PANDO EFFECT ™.
What is the PANDO EFFECT ™?
Felix Pando developed this trademarked technique of using distinctive instruments, specific frequencies and sounds found naturally around us to create a calming and relaxing environment for both pets and their owners. The benefit of these harmonious melodies is that pets feel less stress and anxiety in their daily lives and the interaction between pets and their owners is greatly enhanced.
How does it work?
Felix Pando partnered with renowned German veterinarian Dr. Franz Wirth to identify the instruments, frequencies, and sounds that animal’s most naturally respond to. After years of careful research and experimentation, the technique used in these CD’s was perfected, and the response to this music has been remarkable.
Does it really work?
We have received numerous testimonials from both dog and cat owners who have regularly played PandoMusic for their pets at home or when traveling and have witnessed the amazing effect this music has on their pets. Many doggy day care centers and kennels that use PandoMusic report a significant lessening of noise and barking when they play our music as well as a reduction in the anxiety dogs and cats feel when they are away from home.
Who is Felix Pando?
Felix Pando is a critically acclaimed and internationally renowned musician, composer, arranger and sound engineer. Felix was a child musical prodigy in Argentina who in the ‘60s founded one of the most popular rock groups in Latin America, La Joven Guardia. Subsequently, he received a scholarship to study sound engineering in Germany. He eventually became the music arranger for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, DDR and also produced music for movies, theatre and television in Europe for over 20 years. Felix became interested in the calming effects that music has on infants, and after extensive research and experimentation, he released many CD’s for babies which are still sold throughout Europe today. Felix next began studying the effects of music on animals, and working closely with leading German veterinarian Dr. Franz Wirth began to identify the instruments, sounds and frequencies that have the most relaxing and soothing effect on animals.
What CD’s do you have?
The PandoMusic Classic Collection consists of 6 CDs featuring the works of 3 of the world’s best known composers: Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. Each melody was personally selected and arranged by Felix and the harmonious sounds are pleasing to both pets and their owners alike.
Will you release more CD’s?
Yes! We plan to release a new collection of 6 CD’s every 12-18 months.
Where can I buy them?
You can purchase the PandoMusic Classical Collection CDs at our website: or on Keyword search: “PandoMusic”.