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Our dog Jagger was exposed to PandoMusic Classics and the result was a significant decline in barking and the destruction of objects during the time we weren't at home.
Guillermo Horsi
My dog had a broken leg, and it didn't really matter to him how much it hurt, he would still run and jump around nonstop. Then Felix gave me one of his CDs and the case was solved! At first it didn't do much, but after a few minutes he was just lying there listening to it and falling asleep. Ater a few minutes, he was happy, relaxed, and feeling no pain. To be honest, the next day, it worked on me too. The music may be for dogs, but it can help you relax as well.
Juan C. Alonzo
Pando Effect Pando Partners, LLC Special Thanks Our Package Design
Felix Pando
Felix Pando
“Music has always been a part of my life.”
Music has always been part of Felix Pando’s life. A critically acclaimed and internationally renowned musical producer, composer and arranger, Felix began playing the piano at age two. By the time he was four, he had already performed his first classical music concert in his native Argentina, and at the age of sixteen he founded the number one selling rock group in Latin America, “La Joven Guardia” (The New Guard). Felix earned two gold records and won Clio Awards and "Racimo de Oro" de San Juan.
In 1978 Felix was awarded a scholarship to study sound engineering in Germany. For the next twenty-six years he remained in Germany and was recognized throughout Europe as one of the leading producers of compositions for movies, theater (Disney) and television. In 1996, he was appointed to be the musical arranger for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (DDR).
In the mid-1990’s Felix Pando became deeply involved in the research and creation of music that provides a soothing and relaxing environment for its listeners. After a period of extensive experimentation, he also discovered that certain instruments, such as the viola, violin, flute, xylophone and the music box, played at specific frequencies, had a comforting and calming effect on infants. Felix subsequently developed a series of albums targeted at infants and toddlers that are still widely sold throughout Europe today.
Felix Pando recently moved to the United States, where he has established his own record company, Pando Partners, LLC. His latest line of albums utilizes the same type of instrumental and acoustical techniques that he applied to his music for infants, but instead is specifically designed for dogs and cats. This new series of CDs uses instruments that produce sounds at certain frequencies that are particularly appealing to animals.
The soothing qualities of this music has a positive effect on your pet’s emotions and helps them feel more tranquil and at ease.
This extraordinary impact that Felix Pando’s compositions has on pets is no mere coincidence. It is the result of his singular talent, his vast knowledge of music and sound design, and his extensive experience gleaned from an impressive musical career that spans more than four decades.