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Our dog Jagger was exposed to PandoMusic Classics and the result was a significant decline in barking and the destruction of objects during the time we weren't at home.
Guillermo Horsi
I was at my wits end with one of my dogs – he is cute and loyal, but too hyper. It was hard to get things done around the house with him needing so much attention. Then I got Pando Music Classics for Dogs. I put on the CDs, plunked down on the couch with the dogs and a book. After about 20 minutes the dog finally relaxed, and sprawled out (no more petting needed). There we stayed for about 90 minutes. Now when I put the music on, he goes into the living room and hangs out to listen for a while. It's great for both of us!
The Felix Pando Story Pando Partners, LLC Special Thanks Our Package Design
During his many years as a musician and sound engineer, Felix Pando discovered that certain sounds and frequencies created a symbiotic relationship between music and those who listen to it. The effect of this interaction is to create a stress-free surrounding in which animals can relax and feel healthier and more at ease because:
Each composition contains special musical frequencies only pets can detect.
The album incorporates familiar sound effects that create the illusion that your pet is not home alone, helping alleviate any sense of loneliness.
Special instruments were selected for these compositions for their proven calming effect.
This technique of using distinctive instruments and special sounds found naturally in our environment is what we call the PANDO EFFECT™. Both pets and their owners will enjoy and benefit from the calming influences of these harmonious melodies and find that they enhance their lives together.