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I played Pando Music Mozart for my dog named Sophia. The moment I turned the CD player on and the music started playing, Sophia turned toward the stereo and laid down to listen to the music. She loved it and stayed there until the entire CD was played.
Karina Furlin
When playing PandoMusic Classics, pets that stayed in our kennel felt more at home sooner and their barking or nervous meowing decreased noticeably. The relaxing and harmonizing effect of this special music was also noticed in the behavior of parakeets and parrots.
Medical Veterinary Doctor Franz Wirth-Heneff
The Felix Pando Story Pando Partners, LLC Special Thanks Our Package Design
During his many years as a musician and sound engineer, Felix Pando discovered that certain sounds and frequencies created a symbiotic relationship between music and those who listen to it. The effect of this interaction is to create a stress-free surrounding in which animals can relax and feel healthier and more at ease because:
Each composition contains special musical frequencies only pets can detect.
The album incorporates familiar sound effects that create the illusion that your pet is not home alone, helping alleviate any sense of loneliness.
Special instruments were selected for these compositions for their proven calming effect.
This technique of using distinctive instruments and special sounds found naturally in our environment is what we call the PANDO EFFECT™. Both pets and their owners will enjoy and benefit from the calming influences of these harmonious melodies and find that they enhance their lives together.