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After listening to PandoMusic Classics for Dogs and Cats, pets known to be anxious were letting themselves be handled and checked-up with much less resistance than before. In the post-operation area pets wake up in a more calm and relaxed state.
Medical Veterinary Doctor Franz Wirth-Heneff
My dog had a broken leg, and it didn't really matter to him how much it hurt, he would still run and jump around nonstop. Then Felix gave me one of his CDs and the case was solved! At first it didn't do much, but after a few minutes he was just lying there listening to it and falling asleep. Ater a few minutes, he was happy, relaxed, and feeling no pain. To be honest, the next day, it worked on me too. The music may be for dogs, but it can help you relax as well.
Juan C. Alonzo
The Felix Pando Story Pando Effect Special Thanks Our Package Design
Pando Partners, LLC
Pando Partners, LLC is a music company that specializes in creating comforting music that provides a soothing, stress-free environment for the listener. Felix Pando, one of the founders of Pando Partners, is a world-renowned musician, composer and sound engineer who developed this unique method of blending music, sounds, tones and frequencies in such a way as to create an emotionally relaxing atmosphere. While living in Germany for more than 25 years, Felix developed a series of albums that were targeted specifically for infants, which are still being widely sold throughout Europe today.
Several years ago, Felix started to experiment with music for animals, incorporating frequencies into his music which were particularly appealing to pets. In conjunction with a highly respected German veterinarian, Medical Veternarian Dr. Franz Wirt, Felix tested and refined his music in situations in which pets would normally feel stressful and anxious. The results were uniformly positive, with a noticeable calming effect on animals whenever the music was played. Subsequent tests with hundreds of dog and cat owners further substantiated the lessening of anxiety and emotional stress of this music, even when the pet owner was away from home.
A year ago, Felix Pando teamed up with Stephen de Kanter, a seasoned international business and marketing executive with over 30 years experience, to create Pando Partners, LLC. Prior to leaving corporate life, Stephen spent 12 years at Walt Disney’s Consumer Products Division, ultimately as President of Walt Disney Global Licensing. Stephen quickly recognized the unique qualities of the music Felix had created and, as a pet owner himself, realized that pet lovers around the world would appreciate it too!
They found a niche that is uniquely suited to Felix Pando’s instrumental and acoustical techniques, a process known as the PANDO EFFECT™. PandoMusic™ Classical Music for Dogs and Cats is a wonderful collection of melodies from 3 of the world’s best known composers: Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. These 6 CD’s are now available to consumers throughout the US, either through the website or at pet stores, grooming shops, veterinarian offices, and specialty gift shops.