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Our dog Max is often home alone. Both my husband and I have felt bad about this.......So now we leave a Pando Music Classic CD on whenever we go out for a long time. Max definitely likes it. I recommend this for anyone who has a dog home alone!
Leonora C
I was at my wits end with one of my dogs – he is cute and loyal, but too hyper. It was hard to get things done around the house with him needing so much attention. Then I got Pando Music Classics for Dogs. I put on the CDs, plunked down on the couch with the dogs and a book. After about 20 minutes the dog finally relaxed, and sprawled out (no more petting needed). There we stayed for about 90 minutes. Now when I put the music on, he goes into the living room and hangs out to listen for a while. It's great for both of us!
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Special Thanks
Felix Pando and Stephen de Kanter have spent thousands of hours developing and fine tuning every aspect of the PandoMusic™ Classical Music for Dogs and Cats CDs in order to provide your best friends with a truly soothing, stress-free environment. But, like any successful project, the collaboration of many talented and caring people were critical in helping us perfect all aspects of this special collection of music.
Felix and Stephen want to give their deepest and most sincere appreciation and thanks to all those friends and associates whose valuable input, talent, encouragement and love provided us with the support we needed to persevere through the multitude of challenges and obstacles we encountered in bringing the PandoMusic™ Classical Collection for Dogs and Cats to the marketplace. These are listed in no particular order, as each person contributed to this project in his or her own special, unique way to help bring it to fruition.
Our Friends provided help and advice on every aspect of the project, and, most importantly, introduced us (Felix and Stephen) to each other. Without them, this partnership would not exist! Suzette Lopez, the most talented graphic designer on this planet, and her associate Maria Fernanda Ordonez, provided the fun, eye-catching, and whimsical covers and layouts for our CDs, sales materials and web site. Medical Vet. Dr. Franz Wirth, the noted German veterinarian, worked closely with Felix in the early stages to provide verification of the calming and stress-reducing qualities of The PANDO EFFECT™ on animals while they were in his clinic. The extremely talented musicians Leo Quintero and Adrian Perticone, whose musical virtuosity greatly enhanced the overall quality of the productions. Anthony Gonzalez’s vast experience of the music industry provided us with guidance in positioning our collection within that universe. Diana Pedroni, our lovely and very savvy public relations agent. Avourvoulias VIP. provided great support in lining up our distribution channel collaborators --. Our Web Master, Carlos Landaeta, and his very capable support team, who in conjunction with Suzette’s creative guidance, have made a very consumer-friendly, interactive and fun space for pet owners to spend time and shop. Our CD production and fulfillment partner, Nelson Remus, and our account manager, Tracy Batts, along with their MEDIAmail team, have provided us with nurturing support and guidance in helping us get our product made and into distribution. Patricia Salazar was instrumental in helping us codify our individual CDs. The talented photographer, Leo Oriolo, spent countless hours and rolls of film to ensure that there were pictures of Felix, Stephen and our favorite pets that showed our “good side” for our product and press pieces. Last, but most importantly, we want to give our deepest thanks to Solange Reyes, Felix’s beautiful, brainy, and eminently creative wife and soul mate who was always there, front and center, to provide advice, support, financial guidance (she’s a CPA, and a very good one at that) and, most of all, a sense of levity and good humor to keep our spirits high during all phases of this project.
The members of our “brainstorming” team deserve special mention, as their thoughts and insights proved to be the launching pad for the positioning of our music within this very specific product niche. A few are already mentioned above: Suzette, Maria Fernanda, Anthony and Solange all participated with great enthusiasm and each brought their respective wisdom and experience to the process. Doug Clement got the long distance award, traveling all the way from Vero Beach to Miami to bring his extensive consumer marketing and promotion skills to bear on our issue. Sandy Veith, an award-winning screen writer and cat owner, used his sense of humor and creative flair to keep us stimulated and entertained. Elaine Berkowitz, a fashion designer, writer, co-creator of the Go Goddess game, and dog owner, brought her own unique flair and intellect to weigh in on the issue. Jay Taub, a young, energetic computer wizard and dog lover, provided a zany, entertaining yet highly relevant perspective to our project. Karen Futernik, a champion kite boarder, inventor and entrepreneur kept pushing the creative envelope forward. And our special thanks go to our very interactive and inspirational group leader, Jennifer Beber, who wrung out the best and most creative juices from each participant and helped us validate the importance of the comforting and relaxing environment that our music provides for pets.
And, very importantly, let us not forget who all this is about, our animal friends, who always put their best face forward, smiled and, most importantly, listened – and relaxed – as they curled up to the harmonious, beautiful sounds of the PandoMusic™ Classical Collection. Our dog friends were admirably represented by Frosty, Lucky, Belcha, Kiwy, Bimbo and Einstein, while the cat contingency consisted of Aramis, Martha, Perlas, Manuela, and Lucero. To them, and all their animal relatives and friends around the world, we dedicate this first collection of PandoMusic™ melodies for their listening enjoyment – and for their owners, too!!!